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Story 10: A Carnival of Flowers
Flower Celebration
A Flower Celebration

I want to see you surrounded by flowers. Let’s go to Okinawa, where the flowers bloom year round.

From January through May, there is a “Flower Carnival,” marking the blossoming of plums, cherries, camellia, orchids and roses. Towns around Okinawa hold events celebrating these various flowers. After a long winter, we want to welcome spring as soon as we can. Okinawa is the perfect spot to fulfill that wish.

Blossoming orchids welcome us as we arrive at Naha Airport for our wedding. Flowers are a perfect expression of Okinawan hospitality. Here, you can feel the arrival of warm weather sooner than anywhere else, and the smiles of the Okinawan people are in full bloom. We decided to have an original wedding ceremony in which we express our affection for our loved ones through flowers.

You, my sweetheart, are like a flower, so I wanted to take you to this southern island. The Tropical Dream Center, at the Ocean Expo Park in Motobu, is a botanical garden paradise with an eye-catching spiral tower. Let’s share our special moment here in this lovely European garden. The vivid tropical flowers seem to dance in the afternoon breeze. We walk down the winding brick path to exchange our vows. In your dress, you are like a flower spirit, and I draw you to my side. As the leaves rustle in the wind, it seems that the trees up above are raining their blessings down on us.

These plants are our companions on the earth, and they wish us well as we go on toward the future. How is it that flowers and greenery have such power to make us smile? Is it because their simple beauty touches us? Or is it because their carry some unseen message that we unknowingly receive? As we gaze upon nature’s beauty, we are infused with something important that cannot be expressed in words. These thoughts just spring to mind.

Story 4
Banquet Halls

Here we are, together, surrounded by flowers and greenery on this elegant day. The setting sun dyes the white clouds orange. In the distance, the ocean gently reaches full tide, and as time passes slowly, we gaze at each other. We were born on this planet of greenery and water, so for our wedding we chose Okinawa, blessed as it is with trees and flowers. Okinawa is the unforgettable place where we vow to each other our vision of the future. The memories of this special day will live on in the hearts of all who are gathered here.