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Story 6: After Wedding
Sunset Cruise
A Tale of Love and Friendship

When we told them we were getting married in Okinawa, they got all excited like kids on summer vacation.

I’m talking about my best friend from college Daisuke and my three other close friends.
When you and I had just started dating, I introduced you to my four friends. We were both pretty nervous, but Daisuke and his girlfriend Yuki made us laugh until we were red in the face. My other friend Takashi is cool and popular with the ladies, but he’s really a total airhead. Then there’s Ayumi with her sweet, childlike face and poison tongue. All of them welcomed you right away. Now you’re one of the gang — you’re not just my sweetheart, but one of my best friends.

Since we left our hometown and went off to the city to study and work, our friends have been a source of emotional support, just as important as our families. Lots of things have happened in our lives, and things haven’t always been smooth. But with friends we can talk to about anything, we’ve been able to make it this far.

As bridesmaids standing by the side of the bride, and as ushers helping out with the progression of the wedding, our friends have been a huge help. They laughed and cried even more than our own parents. That’s why we’re planning a surprise for them after the wedding.

Part of the fun for our guests is the fact that they can enjoy Okinawa even after the wedding. For us, gathering all of our loved ones together like this is a rare opportunity. They all have things they want to do here, so we just want to take a few hours of their time this evening around sunset. But for those few hours we want to share the same Okinawa and the same feelings.
We left a memo in each of their hotel rooms with only a meeting place, a time and our names.

There at the meeting place, our friends and family saw the white boat we had chartered and let out a shout of joy. “Wow! It’s like a movie,” the girls exclaim with childlike glee, as the boys feel a rush of adventurous spirit brought on by the combination of the sea and the ship.
Everyone is filled with excitement — let’s go on a sunset cruise! After the sunset turns everything gold, it leaves behind a cloudless night sky full of glimmering stars. Surrounded by smiling faces, Daisuke shouts, “Cheers” — it’s a scene we’ll never forget. I have a feeling we’ll be coming back to Okinawa soon…
Some day we’ll come again with our dear friends.