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Story 5: After the Wedding
One Perfect Evening
The day when the “past us” meets the “present us”

The wedding is over
Have we changed since the big event?

Celebrated by our friends and family, we’ve become a married couple. It was all like a dream, but the ceremony went off without a problem. It feels like there’s definitely something a bit different about our relationship now. After all, we’re holding hands more tightly now and looking off in the same direction at the future.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the way I feel that you are perfect and precious to me. Just as when we were dating, I want to smile with you and make you happy. After our friends and family go back to their hotel rooms, let’s enjoy our time alone together! First we go to from the hotel to Chattan Town’s Sunset Beach. As the name suggests, lots of people are gathered on the beach to see the gorgeous sunset. Words of different languages fly through the air — it’s like being in a foreign country. But countries and borders don’t matter as we gaze in awe at the pink and gold of the evening sky.

After the sun goes down, let’s wander around the nearby “American Village.” The whimsical buildings look like they tumbled out of a toy box, and a ferris wheel towers over it all. There are shops, restaurants, galleries, live music clubs, and a movie theater. No wonder it’s one of Okinawa’s most popular date spots.

Next to buildings straight out of a theme park, a bridge crosses a small waterway. Laughing, you say that it’s like a wonderland. As the lights come on, time passes in a dreamlike way. We can get some ice cream or frozen yoghurt and go window shopping — we haven’t done that in a while. Let’s find something for the two of us as a reminder of today. How about matching Ryukyu glass cups, or a pair of shisa to decorate and protect our new home? But then there are some nice leather goods too, or perhaps we can buy an American trinket. It’s funny how nostalgic this feels.

Your smile makes me smile. Just then you say that my smile makes you smile. Have you noticed how on this trip we’ve been in high spirits the whole time? We’ve been smiling constantly, and the timing of everything has been mysteriously perfect. Every moment has been bliss. Let’s always be surrounded by this great luck. Together we’re unstoppable.