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Story 3: Miyako Island
Blue Sky Ceremony
I have a good feeling about this…

After a leisurely breakfast
On a sunlit terrace
We order another cup of coffee.

The precious days of our future life together begin here on Miyako Island. Under the strong rays of the sun, the clear water glistens with its “Miyako Blue” color; but in the shade of the trees, a cool breeze passes through our skin. The languid pace here soothes our hearts and bodies.

We decided to mark the beginning of our life journey with a ceremony here on Miyako Island. With its scenery of crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, you would be hard pressed to find another place like it in the world. Let’s start our adventure! Will our inspiration lead us to unexpected happiness? With those hopes in our hearts, we got in the car and headed off. Since arriving on this island, every day has been a steady stream of happiness, so I have a feeling something good will happen today too.

We came here to Miyako Island to bless our union in the middle of the beautiful natural world. We considered other places, but ultimately felt that it had to be Miyako Island and nowhere else. It seems like that feeling has given rise to many miracles. Here, we have encountered not only beautiful natural scenery, but also the joy and blessings of many smiling faces. Even though we don’t live here, all the people we meet have been so kind that we feel like family.

Before the magical hour when the sun sets behind the sea, we hurry to Kurima Island. Earth spins and day turns to night. Fine white sand falls through your fingers like the sand in an hour glass.

Before the Miyako sky and sea and land, I promise you over and over. As long as the sun sets behind the sea — in other words, forever — I promise to love you. We will carry on the Okinawan tradition of treasuring each other, as we move forward as a family. Miyako Island. From now on, it will always be a deeply special place for us.