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Story 2: Kume Island
Surfside Celebration
Alone together on our beach of promises

After a 30 minute flight from Naha, we have arrived on Kume Island. The whole island is a nature park overflowing with greenery.
We’ve finally reached the place we were promised.

Do you remember what happened that day?
That was the moment was when I realized you were the woman I wanted to spend my life with. We saw that poster on the cafe wall of a clear, emerald green ocean and white sandy beach. Your eyes lit up and you exclaimed, “Wow! Beautiful! It’s like heaven!” I decided then that I would take you there. That beautiful place is where I would make my promise to you. I got up from my seat, pretending to make a phone call, but I was really jotting down the number written in the corner of the poster.

Hatenohama. When I discovered that the beach from the poster was Hatenohama on Kume Island in Okinawa, I knew I would propose to you there. I promised to take you to a special place.
Remembering that vision of the beautiful blue sky and water stretching endlessly, I hurry as I drive the rental car to the ferry terminal. I knew there was no need to hurry, but I couldn’t help it — I wanted to show you that beach as soon as I could!
I want to see it too — that heavenly beach, with you standing on it.

We board the ferry, and watch the trail of white wake as we leave the shoreline behind us.
I still haven’t told you where we’re going. “We’re going to a secret place for just the two of us.” Perhaps the words confuse you, but you always comfort me. You quickly take my outstretched hand.
I feel the warmth of your body and my heart beats more loudly. My body warms with joy. The touch of your fingers is a wonderful gift to me. I understand — the absolute trust, the love you feel toward me.

You stand on the white sand that floats between the water and the sky. You smile with joy and embrace me. “Thank you for making me so happy.” When you whisper those words in my ear I am so happy that I almost forget the words of the promise I was planning to make.
This promised place is our starting point — this beach is a special place all our own: Hatenohama. I take your hand and summon the courage to propose.

It’s alright. We can take in the happy wishes of our loving families and friends later on. For now, all alone in this place, let’s speak only of our love. Some day we’ll come back to this place where the ocean is reflected in your dreaming eyes. We’ll bring our children here…
We will confirm the promise made here today of a love that lasts into the future.