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Wedding Gift

Choose Okinawan craftwork and specialties for wedding memorial items that will remind the married couple of one of their happiest moments in life, as well as for wedding favors that are given out to the guests who attend the ceremony and reception as “thank you” gifts according to Japanese customs. Okinawa’s unique heartwarming items are also a perfect choice for souvenirs as well.

Baumkuchen Gift

Sugar coated handmade Baumkuchen. It is a product with the wish that “happiness overlaps like an annual ring”.

Ryukyu lacquerware

Elegant Ryukyu lacquerware, featuring a striking contrast between vermilion and black colors, will be a gorgeous gift with traditional beauty.

Ryukyu toiletries (bath salt, soap)

The unique toiletries made from the natural blessings of Okinawa will give extra comfort to your relaxing time.

Awamori Coffee 35 (Sango) Liqueur

An exquisite blend of awamori spirits and aromatic coffee made from coffee beans roasted using weathered coral.

Ryukyu Tea

A black tea brand created by a combination of Okinawa’s natural blessings, a Japanese black tea variety, and superior processing techniques. Its quality is praised in Europe as well. Enjoy the aromatic tea together with the “aftertaste” of your happy wedding.

Ryukyu glass

Attractive glass with beautiful colors symbolizing the colorful nature of Okinawa, as well as with elegant form. Choose ones that fit your taste from among many unique products.

Kariyushi wear

If the couple and their guests all wear Kariyushi shirts with designs inspired by Okinawan nature and culture, their wedding ceremony and reception will be filled with the tropical festive mood!

Okuma Felicia Chapel

Minsa-woven items are considered to be a token of love and, in the old days, used to be used as a present that wives gave to their husbands to express their love. The five squares in the pattern symbolize “forever,” and the four squares symbolize “life,” meaning, combined together, “Love me forever throughout my life.”