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Okinawa Wedding Style

Have a wedding ceremony in Okinawa!

Mild climate, white sandy beaches, clear blue sea and sky…

More and more couples are having their wedding ceremonies on the beautiful southern island of Okinawa.
Not only are the climate and nature attractive, but Okinawa also has the perfect environment for resort weddings. For example, it has cute chapels with a view of the ocean, beautiful churches that resemble castles, resort hotels with private beaches, and more for you to have the most romantic wedding.

Taking advantage of Okinawa’s blessed location, you can also make great memories with your family and guests before and after the wedding.
Recently, wedding photo shoots have also become popular.

The rich natural environment that cannot be seen anywhere else and the breathtaking scenery will make your wedding photos even more romantic.
A professional photographer will shoot photos of you and your partner’s smiles, excitement, and love to create a beautiful photo book that you will treasure for life.

*It is recommended to avoid the rainy season from mid-May to mid-June and the typhoon season from September to October if possible.