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10 Must-try Okinawa Street Foods

Okinawa with its diverse food culture has plenty of unique local street foods. We have picked up 10 popular food items to enjoy like a local when you’re just strolling around with a friend, feeling peckish, or looking for something to accompany a drink! Which one is your favorite?

Nuyaru Burger

Jef is an American-style drive-in restaurant born and raised in Okinawa, with three stores in the prefecture. The popular dishes on its original menu are made using fresh local ingredients from the prefecture. Nuyaru Burger, in particular, is a unique dish with its name derived from Okinawan language “Nu Yaru Baga” which means “what is it?” It contains pork luncheon meat, eggs, cheese, goya (bitter melon) and mayonnaise sandwiched in a bun. The sourness of the special mayonnaise,  the richness of cheese, and the bitterness of the goya complement the eggs making it a delicious combination.

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Pork-egg Onigiri

Onigiri made with pork (luncheon meat) is greatly loved in Okinawa. Pork, usually referring to processed pork meat, is full of flavor and highly versatile, making it a popular ingredient in a wide range of dishes. A pork-egg onigiri (rice ball) consists of a slice of pork luncheon meat and egg fried in lard and wrapped in white rice and nori seaweed. The fluffy grilled egg and salty pork are a good match pleasing to any palate. A variety of toppings such as abura miso (oily miso) fried in lard and thick fried island tofu are often added. Besides specialty stores, pork-egg onigiri can be found at all convenience stores and supermarkets in Okinawa.