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렌탈 바이크・렌탈 자전거

홀가분하게 길거리 산책에 편리 「렌탈 바이크・렌탈 자전거」

Motorcycles and bicycle rentals are popular transportation options, as they can get you to your destinations while avoiding traffic.
“Pottering”, which is taking a casual stroll with a bicycle or motorcycle, is also recently popular. There are many ways to enjoy such as looking at the beautiful sea, stopping by a store that looks interesting, or just looking for a place spontaneously, that you’re curious about.

렌탈 바이크・렌탈 자전거 회사 일람

렌탈 바이크

렌탈 바이크 아프로 TEL: 098-852-8198
오키나와 렌탈 바이크 JASMIN TEL: 098-859-5653
렌탈 819「오키나와 토요미점」 TEL: 0120-819-147

렌탈 자전거

e렌탈 자전거 포타링구 슈리 TEL:098-963-9294
자전거 전문점 「오키나와 린교」 TEL:098-888-0064