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The First Monorail in Okinawa: Yui Rail

The monorail (YuiRail) that travels through Naha city, starts at Naha Airport Station, also known as the entrance to Okinawa, and goes all the way to Shuri Station, the last stop, which is 13km in length and has a total of 15 stations; it travels to many sightseeing spots such as the international street (Kokusai Dori), city center and Shuri Castle. The convenient 1-day and 2-day tickets are available, so why not ride the YuiRail and sightsee in the city.

Since the Naha Airport Station is connected to the domestic terminal of the airport, the monorail is also used by tourists visiting popular sites around Naha. It also offers a beautiful view of the Naha cityscape through the windows.

Visit the official website of Yui Rail here
Okinawa Monorail Travel Guide:Mononavi Okinawa(Yui rail Official Web Site)

Unlimited ride “1-day Ticket”

If your trip includes using YUI RAIL, the 1 Day Ticket or 2-day Ticket is convenient. The 1-day Ticket can be used for an unlimited time 24 hours after purchase, and the 2-day Ticket can be used for an unlimited time 48 hours after purchase. Details such as rail fares can be found in the information below.

About Rail Fares
Yui-Rail Fare Chart: 1-day ticket (2-day ticket) fares

Please be Mindful of Other Riders

Please switch off your mobile phone when you are near the priority seats. In other areas, please set it to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone.

Please don’t Eat, drink, smoke or litter on trains or in stations.

There are priority seats reserved for elderly and handicapped passengers, expecting mothers, and passengers accompanying small children.