VISIT OKINAWA JAPAN Official Okinawa Travel Guide

First-timer Day 3

The final day in Okinawa. Enjoy shopping & getting souvenirs

The final day of the trip. While remembering the beautiful view of Okinawa, head to Naha City from Northern Okinawa. You cannot forget to buy souvenirs before you leave. Various types of souvenirs are available at the airport, but it is good to stop by at a nearby outlet mall before heading to the airport. Let’s get a souvenir for yourself as a memory of the trip.

After leaving a hotel in Northern Okinawa, let’s go to Naha Airport in Naha City. But, you do not want to just pass by Central Okinawa. Enjoy your lunch break in Central Okinawa where you haven’t visited yet. Then, head to Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa in Tomigusuku City. It is near Naha Airport, so you can enjoy your shopping until the last minute. Only you have to do after is to go to the airport. Consider the extra time to return your rent-a-car before you leave.




Full-scale resort mall that brings the Okinawa experience only to be tasted here.
A new generation resort mall, surrounded by the blue sky and sea, has been born in the land of RyCom.

Food, culture, and tradition. In the gradual flow of time… A place to feel the old and the new Okinawa.
A place to encounter locally originated glamour and Okinawa based trends.
A place where the warmth of Okinawan people will comfort all visitors.

The resort structure, combining the livelihood of people and the impressive experience of Okinawa, which has never existed, is right here.

People who live in their hometown, people who travel, tourists from overseas.
Each person forgets time, forgets the norm, and enjoys the present.
This is the new and exciting livelihood and traveling that we will want to create with you.

Now, from RyCom. Make this island even more fun.

〒901-2300 Tochi-kukaku seirichinai Awase, Kitanakagusuku Village, Nakagami District, Okinawa

AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom Official Website



Senagajima Umikaji Terrace is located on Senaga Island, just 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport.This new tourist destination features over 30 shops and restaurants, with the restaurants featuring many local Okinawan products such as fruits and vegetables.

Umikaji Terrace Official Website



This is the only outlet mall in Okinawa which about 100 of popular brands gathered. Stocks, discontinued products and sample products of each brand, in perfect conditions, are available at reasonable prices. Since it is near the airport and the direct public bus operates from here to the airport, you can stop by here easily. Restaurants including cafes and Okinawan cuisine restaurant are located within the outlet mall, and foreign currency exchange service is available at the information center.

Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa Official Website