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When a Typhoon Approaches

Okinawa is a region very susceptible to typhoons. Learn what to be aware of and what precautions to take when a typhoon approaches to ensure that you have a safe trip.

Wind Forecast


A typhoon is a tropical cyclone that occurs in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, and it is characterized by strong winds, large waves, and heavy rain. Typhoons affect Okinawa mainly from June to around September. Because typhoons could affect your travel plans, be sure to check the weather forecast prior to and during your trip.

What to Do When a Typhoon Approaches

Check Alerts and Warnings Here : Okinawa disaster prevention information portal(External links)

Check the Latest Weather Map Here : Japan Meteorological Agency(External links)

If You’re Having Language Issues : Be.Okinawa multilingual contact center

Effects on the Transportation System

Flight Routes


Buses and Monorail

Driving Cars



Sightseeing During a Typhoon

1. Fixed-route Bus Cancellations

If service is suspended for fixed-route buses, tourist facilities may close. If this happens, refrain from going outside and wait indoors.

2. If Fixed-route Buses are Running

Check the websites of the facilities you plan to visit to see whether they are open.

Because large waves and strong winds persist for a while even after a typhoon has departed, going near the sea is dangerous. If you have planned marine activities, consider doing different activities instead.

Typhoon Preparedness Manual [PDF:14MB] (What to do during a typhoon, airport information, airline contact information, etc.)